Hi All,

First I want to say thank you for viewing my blog and reading my about me page.

With that said here we go…

My name is Joe Gilharry and I have been marketing online for over 6 years now. I’ve had my ups and downs within the first year of marketing but I went on to go full time at the end of 2006. In early 2007 I decided to get into the internet marketing niche since I was already involved in the work at home niche.

I have since created a few products, some which have done well, and a few that haven’t. In Late 2008 I decided that I was becoming too much like all the other internet marketers out there and not delivering valuable information to my targeted audience but instead, just following what everyone else was doing at the time and not helping people receive the results needed in order to succeed online.

When I first started out in Internet marketing, I made it my goal to really help people and not just get in it for the money. I know first hand that when you help people from the kindness of your heart without expecting anything in return, it comes back to you ten times fold. So once I violated this rule I decided to throw in the towel for the internet marketing niche and just go underground with my marketing until I was ready to come back and start helping people again.

So now that it’s 2013 I want to start it off right by getting back into what I love to do. And that is to help people!

With this blog I plan to deliver great content, build a loyal following, share my internet marketing lifestyle with the world and most of all…

Help People Succeed online!

So with that said, I hope you enjoy my blog and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!