You’ve probably notice a huge buzz going around about CPA marketing recently. The truth is, it has been around for a while and now its just coming into the mainstream like many other Internet marketing trends.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action OR Acquisition. Either or.

Now, there are many cpa networks out there but one thing you have to understand is this… They are all privately owned and operated differently. Therefore, each have separate requirements when you sign up. Some newbies have trouble getting accepted onto the networks and therefore never even get the chance to try out  any cpa offers.

This is probably one of main reasons why people fail to get started with CPA to begin with.

With adsense, its relatively easy to get signed up and as soon as you send a couple of visitors to your page, you can receive clicks within the first 24 hours.

Since there are many people coming online and hearing all about CPA marketing stuff and hearing that adsense is dead, I want to set the record straight right now.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people who are making money with adsense one way or another. Adsense is not dead and it is most definitely here to stay.

The key to adsense is all about “Market Research” and CTR (Click Through Rate). Many newbies make the mistake of picking niches that pay out as little as 3 cents per click. Then they do all the work on a site and within about 4-6 months start receiving a decent amount of visitors and clicks to there adsense links.

Only to find out that they just had 100 clicks in adsense and only received about $3-$5 for the week. This is an epic story told time and time again by many marketers.

Now with cpa…

There can be some great offers that are on the network for a while converting like mad for people who are promoting them. Then the next day they are suddenly taken off of the network because they were not profitable enough for the advertiser.

This happens time and time again and if you’re building a website around one specific offer, you put in months and months of seo work or other traffic driving methods then all of sudden you’re out of luck because the offer is no longer available for you to promote.

Now you’re just left with existing traffic and no real way to monetize it unless you join additional cpa networks that have relevant offers. In the end you will probably throw up adsense just to have some kind of income for all the work that you have put in.

If you’re just starting out and you plan to build  a site for the long term by building backlinks to rank in the search engines then I would suggest going with adsense to begin with. There are many free tools online that can help you do enough market research and select great high paying adsense niches that will be worthwhile.

Once you get some experience under your belt and understand how cpa networks work. Then you can probably go the CPA way but I would highly recommend that you start with adsense since it is the easiest way for you to monetize a site.

I will be going over some great stuff about adsense, market research, CPA networks and more in the future.

So stay tuned!

That’s it for today!