You’re just starting out in search engine optimization and you’ve done a lot of  research on the topic and find out that there are different types of methods to use in order to rank in google, yahoo and BING.

Some of the methods you’ve come across probably are effective and some are probably not.

Many people get confused when learning about the difference between What Hat SEO methods and Black Hat SEO methods. So I would like to take the time and explain the difference to the best of my ability as well as give you some of my thoughts on both topics.

Lets first start with White Hat SEO. This type of Search Engine Optimization method means that everything done in order to improve your rankings in the search engine page results is mostly done to be in compliance with Google, Yahoo and Bings policy.

Now on the other hand when you use Black Hat SEO it is the complete opposite. Everything done with Black Hat methods are highly frowned upon by Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also has the potential to get your websites banned from all three of the major search engines.

You’re probably wondering why people even bother with Black Hat methods if it has the potential to get them banned from the search engines right? Well that answer is pretty easy…

The reason why most people do it is because it can make you a boat load of money in a short period of time. As oppose to White Hat methods, it can take anywhere from 2-4 months just to start receiving decent results for most sites trying to rank in all of the search engines.  For those who are just starting out, it will probably take you at least 6 months or more in order to receive decent results (This is for most complete newbies that do not receive the right training).

What Are My Thoughts On Both Of These Topics?

For me personally I like to go the white hat way because I plan to be in business for the long term. In addition to this, I am already making a full time living online and I have a lot of patients when it comes to my marketing. So I don’t mind waiting a month or two in order to start receiving the results needed to generate additional income. Also, over the last year and a half I have been studying/testing new white hat methods in order to help me rank quicker than the average marketer. I plan on sharing these methods later on once this blog starts building a loyal following.

As for the Black Hat stuff…

I know a handful of people who are doing a lot of it and they are making in excess of 6 figures yearly. Which is not quite bad for the kind of stuff that they are doing. But the downside to it is that most of there methods are not stable whatsoever. Therefore they have to come up with new methods of manipulating the search engines as soon as there method stops working.

In most cases the stuff they do last anywhere from 1 month all the way to a year which isn’t bad at all either. But sometimes the amount of work that they put into these methods can be very time consuming to say to least.

Which Method Would I Recommend?

Well that’s kind of hard to say. I am not totally against Black Hat stuff because we all know google and the rest of the search engines can really piss you off at times and some people really wish there was a way to get back at these huge companies. But at the same time, it really depends on your needs.

If you’re just starting out and come across some really cool black hat stuff that is making people a bunch of money, I say screw it! Go ahead and do it.  Or if your low on money and time and just want to receive quicker results then I guess black hat stuff would be the way to go.

Now if you are more like me and have more time and patients then I say go the White Hat way. There are many more benefits to being in compliance with all of the search engines rather than trying to go against them. Because 9 times out of 10 you are going to loose.

So to rap it up…

Just be very careful if you decide to include black hat stuff in your everyday marketing and be prepared for disappointment once your methods stop working.